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CALLING ALL PARENTS! My Balanced Plate is a powerful educational tool with a mission to enable your kids aged 2 to 13, to eat in honour of their hunger & fullness cues and learn how to make balanced food choices. For the parent, My Balanced Plate equips you with the skills to teach simple nutrition education to your child and create a positive mealtime experience for the entire family. Using fun food-related activities and tips for creating long-term sustainable healthy eating habits, My Balanced Plate will assist you in raising an intuitive & adventurous eater! 

My Balanced Plate will help your child learn the components of a meal using three colourful sections for fruits & vegetables, carbohydrates and protein. You may have seen a balanced plate model before, but a unique feature of this product is the inclusion of dessert. Yes, you read that correctly! My Balanced Plate normalizes all foods so foods such as dessert are no longer seen as a “treat” or a reward because ALL foods can fit into a healthy balanced diet. 

Using My Balanced Plate, we can raise the next generation to have a positive relationship with food and their bodies! 



  • 1 laminated My Balanced Plate Placemat
  • 1 dry-erase marker 3 fun and educational activities for your child including “know your food groups, hunger & fullness peas, and eat the rainbow”
  • Simple and easy to understand nutrition information to create long-term healthy habits
  • Pamphlets for parents to use and teach My Balanced Plate


Neutralize foods in your household because all foods fit in the My Balanced Plate!

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