Savouring Culture: Nourishing Body and Soul Through Authentic Dishes

A bowl of Kitchari, a Spicy Vegetarian Dish with a golden spoon next to it.

In a world captivated by avocado toasts and kale salads, let’s shift our focus to the rich tapestry of cultural cuisine nourishment. It’s time to celebrate the authentic dishes that resonate with our heritage, bringing comfort to our bodies and joy to our souls. The Mediterranean Diet: Beyond Eurocentric Views of Health In mainstream media, […]

Embracing Wellness in Cold Weather

A young child joyfully playing in a park, tossing up a pile of crisp autumn leaves.

As the leaves turn and temperatures fall, it’s vital to focus on cold weather wellness to keep our spirits up and bodies resilient. The crisp, cool air shouldn’t mean a compromise in our energy levels or mental sharpness. Join us at Nourishing Balance as we delve into the importance of warmth and comfort in bolstering […]