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We are a virtual healthcare clinic providing client-centred holistic health and wellness services to help you reach your health goals.


An Integrative Health Team Helping You Restore Balance

Nourishing Balance is an integrative health practice providing virtual holistic health and wellness services across Canada. We work from a place of compassion and support to understand your goals and establish a plan to help your thrive. Our integrative health team considers your life challenges from all angles; your relationship to food, your relationship to yourself, and your relationship with your body. Our team of specialized professionals takes a client-centered approach to provide individualized care. We truly believe that by taking an evidenced-based, holistic approach to healthcare we can help you develop sustainable, achievable goals.

Our Registered Dietitians support new parents, babies, children, and adults make the best informed food choices for their personal goals

Our Registered Psychotherapists and Social Workers use a variety of modalities to help you understand and manage your mental health concerns

Our Nurse Practitioners work closely with our other team members to help both pediatric and adult populations to offer a bridge between functional and traditional medicine

Our Naturopathic Doctor will identify imbalances and health problems and create a realistic and attainable plan to address them. 


Virtual Appointments for Nutrition, Mental Health, Naturopathic Services and Medical Health Support

Our team is comprised of Registered Dietitians, Naturopathic Doctor, Psychotherapists, Social Workers, and Nurse Practitioners. With an integrative team, we can take a holistic approach to provide individualized services to clients. We use a weight-inclusive approach to provide services while considering the cultural, environmental, social, physical, emotional, and mental factors that make you unique. Learn more about Nourishing Balance and our practitioners to see how we can help you understand your health and achieve your goals!

Our Approach to Health

Textbook to represent evidence-based approach


Providing nutrition counselling, mental health support, and medical health services using current scientific research. Our practitioners stay up-to-date on emerging evidence.

Leaf to represent holistic healthcare

Integrative Holistic Care

We use a systems-level lens to understand your current health status and develop a care plan that addresses the comprehensive factors that impact our health.

Butterfly to represent individualized approach to healthcare


There is no one else on the planet exactly like you. Consequently, the care you receive will be unique for your goals and needs. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions.

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All of our practitioners work from a place of compassion and understanding. We are anti-diet and inclusive, and will meet you where you are so that you feel empowered and in control of your destination.