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    Women's Health and Pregnancy

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Nourishing Balance provides a culture of understanding, support, and growth. We grow with our clients, and love to see them fly and thrive. Each moment in our lives leads up to growth and development of who we are the following day, week, month, and years to come. Our Integrative Health Team believes that you can truly be yourself and take a holistic approach to your health and well being. Our team works with you to better understand the challenges that life may have. We consider various aspects of your life from your relationship to food to your relationship to yourself and body. Our team of specialized professionals work with your unique needs to provide individualized care. We truly believe that by taking an evidenced-based, holistic approach to healthcare we can help you to develop sustainable, achievable goals.

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Evidenced-Based Information

Evidenced-Based Information

Providing nutrition counselling and mental health support and advice that is grounded in scientific research to support sustainable lifestyle changes.

Individualized Approach

Individualized Approach

Personalizing care for the unique needs and goals of each individual, while supporting growth.

Holistic Based Care

Holistic Based Care

Our holistic approach supports not only what we put in our bodies, but addresses environmental factors, stress, personal care, mental health and sleep.


If you’re struggling with any dietary or hormonal issues, I highly recommend nourishing balance! I worked with Maiya, who has proved to have a wealth of knowledge, skill, and experience behind her. She is an amazing dietician! She tailored my plan to my specific needs and allowed my goals to be met. Much of what I have been struggling with for years has been resolved thanks to her help and guidance!

Kirstyn Ali

Really appreciated Maiya’s advice and support. I suffer from IBS-D, but I am now doing extremely well. Together we re-built the digestive biology necessary for a healthier gut. Because I am celiac, I still avoid gluten. Everyone is different, but in my case I can’t imagine a better outcome than what was achieved.

Gary Hicks

Thank you Maiya for teaching me so much about health & Food. I am a new mom and eating right was so important for myself and my family. She taught me how to read labels. She was easy to work with, super friendly, great with babies and so knowledgable. Although my husband and I ate well already at home, it was a whole new world with a baby. SO thank you so much for teaching and supporting us through our daughters meals! And LOVE her IG- She posts some great meal ideas!

Jessica Woods

Beyond blessed to have Maiya as my dietitian! Maiya has helped me reach all my health goals and made this next chapter in my life healthier and happy! I struggled with my eating habits and always chose to eat out. Maiya has taught me how to have a healthy relationship with food and how I can reach a healthy balance with all foods.

Joshua Mezgec

Thank you for being so thorough and patient and helping me reframe my thoughts around what healthy eating could look like during my pregnancy!

Jen Narayan

Maiya is experienced and well knowledgeable. I am so grateful to be able to connect with her. Maiya has been a huge influence in my improvement with regards to my eating habits, learning about vitamins/supplements and overall wellness. I was able to control my acid reflux symptoms with her suggestions.

Madhuri Rajani

Maiya was amazing, she went above and beyond to assist me on my journey to better health. What I loved most is her advise on toxins free living, more than what I expected.

Asalee Johnson

It’s been a great experience working with Maiya! She is very knowledgeable and caters to ones needs. She provides amazing feed back and recipes. She’s been very caring in terms of asking for reports, analyzing and assessing what I should eat and always there to answer any questions I have. I can message anytime and she will respond in detail. Highly recommend Maiya if your looking for a professional, detailed and knowledgeable Registered Dietitian.

Vishal Patel

Maiya has been a great help. I started consulting with her at the beginning of my first trimester to ensure I meet my nutrient needs. She listened to all my concerns and worked around my schedule as well. I also appreciate that she is easily accessible and quickly responds to any questions I ever had.

L. Kaur

Wow! What a wonderful experience. Anika has been a bright light in my life and has really help me change my relationship with food. I am grateful for her intuitive eating approach. It is helping me make sustainable changes that will help keep me happy and healthy! Her support is both practical and holistic. I am very grateful to have Anika in my corner!

Joanna Humphreys

Last year, we discovered that my daughter is intolerant to lactose and that my husband has high levels of cholesterol along with pre-diabetes. I engaged the services of Nourishing Balance. Anika was able to conduct a thorough analysis of blood results and family history. She provided us with a tangible  and easy to implement plan.  Maiya helped to navigate the world of lactose-free groceries in a way that empowered my daughter to do groceries herself. I highly recommend their services and was pleasantly surprised by their professionalism and expertise.