Embracing Wellness in Cold Weather

"A young child joyfully playing in a park, tossing up a pile of crisp autumn leaves. As the leaves turn and temperatures fall, it’s vital to focus on cold weather wellness to keep our spirits up and bodies resilient. The crisp, cool air shouldn’t mean a compromise in our energy levels or mental sharpness. Join us at Nourishing Balance as we delve into the importance of warmth and comfort in bolstering health and maintaining focus through the colder months.

Navigating the Chill with Health in Mind

The arrival of autumn doesn’t just signal the start of festive holidays; it’s also a critical time for fortifying our wellness against the coming chill. It’s common to guard against the seasonal flu, yet often we underestimate the toll that dropping temperatures can take on our mental health. Feeling lively and radiant becomes challenging when the bitter cold intrudes on our daily zest for life. At Nourishing Balance, we believe in embracing the energy of autumn and infusing each day with vitality, despite the cool weather’s attempt to dampen our mood.

However, while cold weather can impact productivity and affect our overall wellness, there’s no need to worry. Embrace the autumn season with enthusiasm and energy, even when facing its chilly challenges. By dedicating a little extra time to showing yourself some TLC, you can keep your spirits high during these cooler months. When we’re warm and comfy, our spirits lift. So, don’t let the weather bring you down; instead, find ways to enjoy it and care for your mental health by nurturing your body. Make that extra effort to give yourself some well-deserved self-care this season.

Warm Up Your Mornings for a Better Day

A close-up of a small pumpkin nestled among a variety of gourds, symbolizing fall abundance and festive decor.Combat the morning fog and chilly awakenings by indulging in the warmth of your snug pajamas a tad longer. A steaming mug of your favorite tea or an added layer of clothing can work wonders. These simple yet effective routines are the cornerstone of our cold weather wellness philosophy at Nourishing Balance—preparing you to embrace the day ahead with enthusiasm and comfort.

As you head out for the day, especially if you know you tend to get cold easily, it’s essential to be well-prepared. Layering your clothing is a smart approach, as it allows you to remove or add layers as needed to maintain comfort. Don’t forget mittens or gloves to keep your hands warm, and consider bringing warm food and beverages with you, such as a thermos of cozy soup or a hot drink, to nourish yourself and stay toasty throughout the day!


Try out some of our favourite cozy season curried coconut soup and daal and sweet potato casserole recipes here.

Cozy Evenings: Self-Care for Cold Nights

Getting good quality sleep is also always crucial, and being cold can disrupt your sleep and make it challenging to fall asleep (1). The discomfort might lead to tossing and turning all night, further increasing restlessness and fatigue in this cycle of cold weather. While it may sound simple, something like wearing socks to bed or layering another blanket can make a surprising difference in helping you stay warm and cozy and giving you a better and deeper rest. That difference can be so important in helping you feel your best, physically and mentally, tomorrow morning.


Let’s chat more about the importance of healthy sleep here! (You can also check out these great nutrition tips to help you improve your sleep)

Cozy Activities to Boost Your Mood

"Vibrant maple leaves in brilliant shades of autumn red against a clear sky, capturing the essence of the season.As evenings grow darker and the mercury dips, finding solace in nurturing self-care activities becomes increasingly important. Whether you’re kneading dough for a fresh bake, wrapping yourself in the tranquility of nature’s autumn tapestry, or unwinding with a mindful meditation session, these practices are pivotal for maintaining your mental health in cold climates. At Nourishing Balance, we champion these moments of joyous solitude and shared warmth to carry you through the season with a contented heart.

Here are some activities you can explore:

  • Making your comfort foods or baking a treat
  • Nature walks and enjoying the changing colours
  • Self-care day at home, a relaxing bath or facial
  • Mindfulness, relaxation, or meditation
  • Spending time with loved ones
  • Adding some warm and cozy fall decor
  • Cozy night in playing board games or watching movies

The Art of Layering for Comfort and Warmth

Warm sunlight bathing a field of wheat during sunset, evoking a sense of autumn warmth and harvest.All in all, the transitioning weather of fall can sometimes leave us feeling drained or sluggish. However, to embrace this season fully, we should remember to not only tend to our physical well-being but also support our holistic health. By doing so, we can make the most of this unique time of the year, ensuring our body and mind remain sharp and that we continue to feel fully ourselves.

Reaching Out for Professional Help

Our team here at Nourishing Balance can support you on your personal journey towards holistic well-being throughout whatever season of life you may be going through. With a diverse team of Registered Dietitians, Psychotherapists, Social Workers, and Nurse Practitioner, we can provide valuable insights and guidance to help you develop sustainable practices to support your innate wellness, and health or nutrition goals. To learn more about Nourishing Balance’s team of integrative health practitioners visit us here.




Nourishing Balance Integrative Health Team

Nourishing Balance Integrative Health Team provides holistic health services across Canada. We work to understand your goals and establish a plan to help you thrive. Our integrative health team consists of registered dietitians, psychotherapists, social workers, and nurse practitioners.

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